Secure, temperature controlled & dehumidified car storage in Oxfordshire

We pride ourselves in our fully maintained and insured classic and supercar storage from our unique storage facility just minutes from Oxford and only 40 miles from London. We offer collection and delivery services using our covered trailer. 

At CARVAULT, you aren't just getting a full-service 'turn-key' storage and car care solution, tailored for you and your vehicle's requirements; you become a part of our automotive community where you can get to know other likeminded owners and enthusiasts at our car and coffee mornings and other events we host.

Car Storage

Short Term Car Storage

We define as periods of less than 1 month. Available on a daily basis and charged at £10 per day + VAT.

Long Term Car Storage

Charged from £200 per month + VAT with no lengthy contracts or complicated agreements. 

Additional Information

  • All cars & bikes in our care are professionally cleaned & dried upon entry, we allow for this once per month, any additional cleans are charged charged at £30 + VAT, and invoiced separately.

  • CTEK battery maintainers are used throughout the duration of storage & checked daily for battery health.

  • Soft semi fit covers are provided & used for the duration of storage.

Pricing & Packages

Our 'Concierge' membership really is the ultimate peace of mind and time saving package meaning you can sit back knowing your pride and joy is being looked after 24/7 and ready for you when you need it. 

The 'Simple' Package

The basics for car storage with your vehicle kept in our temperature and humidity controlled car storage facility and NSI Gold Standard security systems monitoring the facility 24/7. Your car is cleaned upon arrival, checked in, battery connected to our battery conditioners and the car is then monitored 24/7.

The 'Concierge' Package

The ultimate package for the time poor but enthusiastic owner and driver.  This is a true turn-key, maintained package where your car is exercised monthly and inspected to keep it in check and ready for when you need it. We even offer collection and delivery services to your door. This is a service that we think you'll love and will save you time and money in the long run.

You will also automatically receive access to our Concierge membership with this package.  


"We couldn't be happier with the service provided by Ben and Carvault in taking care of our treasured classic during autumn / winter 20/21. The storage facility is perfectly located, brilliantly designed, always immaculate and super secure. The service provided by Ben and Carvault is very personalised with short notice access, monthly vehicle running and maintenance checks offered to suit you and your car. Communication and flexibility are superb. Most importantly though, from the moment you hand over the keys to your pride and joy, you know that Carvault will cherish your car just as you do. We’ll definitely be back for  autumn / winter!"


Motorcycle Storage

Talk to us about your motorcycle storage needs as we offer bespoke storage solutions from £80 per month (inc VAT).

Motorcycle Storage


We are conveniently located just minutes from Henley (Henley-on-Thames), Goring, Streatley, Wallingford, Oxford, Reading, Newbury, Swindon and London. Below is a list of local towns and cities with distances and driving times.


London (Kensington)   --   45 miles / 1hr 15 mins by car (moderate traffic)
Swindon (Centre)   --   42 miles / 1hr 5 mins by car (moderate traffic)
High Wycombe (Centre)   --   25 miles / 40 mins by car (moderate traffic)
Newbury (Centre)   --   18 miles / 40 mins by car (moderate traffic)
Oxford (Centre)   --    15 miles / 35 mins by car (moderate traffic)
Reading (Centre)   --   12 miles / 25 mins by car (moderate traffic)
Henley-on-Thames (Centre)   --   13 miles / 22 mins by car (moderate traffic)
Goring & Streatley   --   3 miles / 8 mins by car (moderate traffic)

british rail.png

London (Paddington)   -->   Reading (22 mins)  -->   Goring & Streatley (12 mins) 
Swindon  -->  Didcot (17 mins)  -->   Goring & Streatley (10 mins)
Newbury   -->   Reading (20 mins)   -->   Goring & Streatley (12 mins)
Oxford   -->   Didcot (17 mins)  -->   Goring & Streatley (10 mins)
Reading   -->   Goring & Streatley (12 mins)
Henley-on-Thames   -->   Twyford (12 mins)   -->   Goring & Streatley (29 mins)

We offer a collection and drop off service to Goring & Streatley, a mere 8 minute drive from our facility. 

Get a Quote

Since we work with you to provide a bespoke storage package for your vehicle please get in touch with us using the form below, via our live chat or call us on 01491 714 055 and we will be be able to provide further information and a tailored quote. 

Thank you, we will be in touch shortly.

All Security systems installed and managed to An NSI (National Security Inspectorate) GOLD standard.