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Originally weighing in at 715kg as convertible, the coupe only added an additional 15kg (total 730kg), even still, this makes the S600 50kg lighter than a current F1 car! Styled in classic early 1960s sport car look styling with a long(ish) bonnet and sloping rear coupe style it is truly unique pocket size classic sports car at a compact size of 3.3m long and 1.43m wide.

The car uses the same derived chain driven DOHC (Double Over Head Cam), water cooled, inline 4 as the similar S360/500 and later S800 variants. The engined was developed from knowledge from Honda’s Grand Prix motorcycle program producing an engined that using roller bearing crankshaft and a redline of 8,500 rpm one of the highest raving road engines of its day and still above most modern sports cars. Porsche at the time were so amazed by the engined what ordered their own S600 to study the engine. They rev’ed the engine up to 12,000 before it broke their test bed, the engine without damage. Roller bearing crank.

With its 0.606 litre engine (where its name is derived S600) the car produced a quite modest 57 bhp, however considering the car’s weight this makes for a power to weight of 70 bhp / ton comparable to an standard MGB GT. However the car’s power to cc of 0.94 which was comparable to most F1 engines of the day. The engine also uses a Hemispherical (‘Hemi’) combustion head, which allows for larger cams allowing for more fuel and air mixture to the combustion chamber, giving the engined a higher thermal efficiency and more power. The engineers also fitted the 4 Carburettors with rubber dampers to stop vibrations from the engine effecting the intake of the carburettor and allowing them to function more effectively.


  • Restored Australian example

  • Rare 'chain driven' example

  • Excellent condition

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This example is a rare and sought after ‘Chain Driven’ example of the high revving Japanese sports car. Originally sold through a New South Wales dealer in Australia in 1965, it has since been subjected to a high-quality ground-up restoration. Imported into the UK by its current owner just 4 years ago to join the owner’s vast collection of rare sports cars.

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