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Rosso Mondiale

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More about this vehicle

This example of the desirable and iconic 3200 GT has been meticulously maintained regardless of cost and every invoice or piece of correspondence retained from the day it was collected from the Maserati dealership in 2001. As such this represents a fantastic, very low mileage, original and collectable example of the Italian sports car with stunning looks and a beautiful V8 noise to match.


Registration Number: Y383 YRV

VIN Number: ZAMAA38D000002146

Gearbox: Automatic

Mileage: 32,120

Colour: Rosso Indianapolis

Interior: Cream Leather/Biscuit Piping and Alcantara roof lining

· Current Owner (4) Since: 03/02/2010 (12 years) purchased with approx. 26,289 miles

· Previous Owner (3) Since: 12/07/2003 (approx. 7 years) purchased with 14,460 miles purchased from Outwood in Romsey, Hampshire.

· Owner (2) since 13/11/2001 (approx. 2 years) purchased with 6,055 miles

· Owner (1) since 01/03/2001 as dealer demonstrator for Meridien Modena in Lyndhurst, Hampshire.

Service History

More About This Vehicle

1. 20/09/2001 @ 6055 miles by Meridien Modena Maserati for it’s 6,000 mile service (Dealer Demonstrator)
2. 20/05/2003 @ 11,529 miles by Maranello Sales Ltd for it’s 18,500 mile service (Owner 1)
3. 20/03/2004 @ 14,460 miles by Meridien Modena Maserati for it’s annual service (Owner 2)
4. 25/02/2005 @ 16,858 miles by Meridien Modena Maserati for it’s annual service (Owner 2)
5. 22/02/2006 @ 20,152 miles by Emblem Sportscars (Maserati Specialists) for it’s annual service (Owner 2)
6. 23/02/2007 @ 22, 539 miles by Emblem Sportscars (Maserati Specialists) for it’s annual service + cambelt replacement with gearbox filter and oil change (Owner 2)
7. 27/02/2009 @ 25,377 miles by Emblem Sportscars (Maserati Specialists) for it’s annual service (Owner 2)
8. 02/02/2010 @ 26,289 miles by Emblem Sportscars (Maserati Specialists) for it’s annual service + cambelt replacement + auxiliary belt replacement (Owner 3)
9. 14/02/2011 @ 27,826 miles by Bill McGrath Maserati Specialist for it’s annual service (Owner 3)
10. 23/07/2014 @ 29,531 miles by Bill McGrath Maserati Specialist for it’s annual service + cambelt change (Owner 3)
11. 28/02/2022 @ 32,131 miles by QV London for it’s annual service + cambelt change (Owner 3)

Recent Works & Defects

In the car’s current ownership, the car has been maintained by Bill McGrath Maserati specialists and below is what has been carried out in his ownership. All prior service history is listed above and full documentation on file to show exactly what has been done.

In February 2011 at 27,826 miles the car was serviced and MOT’d with Bill McGrath Ltd as part of its routine annual servicing. The vehicle also had it’s throttle body removed and sent off for reconditioning with a Volvo part known for improved reliability. This was a known fault of these cars and these engines so to have an upgraded unit fitted just under 5,000 miles ago will give you peace of mind that it is one less thing to worry about.

Bill McGrath also replaced corroded brake pipes and calibrated the handbrake to work efficiently and effectively for its MOT. They also changed a worn bearing in the left hand rear track rod.

They also replaced the front brake pads and checked the wheel alignment and camber at the front. In total 17 hours were spent on this car in Feb 2011 and a bill of £3,371 was accumulated.

A few years later the car returned to Bill McGrath for servicing, now showing 29,531 miles on the odometer. On this occasion McGrath replaced the cam belt as per the service schedule. They also replaced the LH turbo return hose, crank case breather valve and brake pedal switch. The LH door lock, RH window switch and window wiper blades.

The car had it's most recent service on 28th February 2022 at QV London Ferrari and Maserati specialists in Windsor, Berkshire where it also had a cambelt replacement along with oils and fluids service as well as a rebuilt starter motor as the car had been sat and it was causing issues. This work came in at just shy of £3,000.

The car is now fully ready to be enjoyed and starts first time every time.

Points of note:

This car is one of the most highly documented cars we have come across with every invoice retained from what we can see and even with a spreadsheet summarising all works done by whom, on what date and at what cost giving a clear indication as to how meticulously this car has been maintained.

A rare feature on these cars it seems is the inclusion of the period correct 3200 GT space saver wheel which according to the owner are as rare as “rocking horse droppings”. The car also retains its original tool kit, 3 sets of keys (1 spare and 1 red ‘master’ key).

Another nice touch is the Maserati branded floor mats which complement the interior beautifully.

Upgrades from standard specification:

The car now sits on the highly desirable genuine Maserati Assetto Corsa alloy wheels with fresh Continental Contisport Contact 3 Tyres. These alone are worth a significant amount of money alone.

The car was fitted with an upgraded Stebro exhaust system in 2007 by the car’s third owner fitted by Emblem Sports, Poole at a cost of £342.77. We believe this exhaust provides the right amount of volume without making it excessive or drone. A nice addition we feel that complements the Maserati’s beautiful V8 engine.

When we collected the car it was fitted with an Alpine stereo and CD changer system which was fitted by the car’s third owner in 1999 as documented on file. We have since removed in favour of its original Becker stereo unit which is working without fault and in our opinion looks far better. The Alpine system is included in the sale should the owner wish to revert to it. All the relevant stereo codes and key cards are included in the cars documentation folder.

Current condition:

The car today presents in wonderful original condition with the exception of a couple of areas which are to be expected on a car of this age and particularly of this model and similar models of the time.

The interior has unfortunately suffered from the dreaded and infamous ‘sticky button’ issue which many performance cars of this era such as Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s also suffered from. This is something that can be resolved, it requires the removal of the affected components and either sending them off to be recoated or attempting a DIY fix yourself following a YouTube tutorial.

The interior seats present very well indeed as does the alcantara headlining and steering wheel.

There is some kerbing damage to both rear alloy wheels, very minimal on one and slightly more on the other.

There are some paint imperfections as can be expected with stone chips to the bonnet and front bumper but generally the paint presents well.

Mechanically the car drives well and goes through the gears as expected and intended. The car stops well and in a straight line giving you confidence to push the twin turbocharged V8 to the max.

The car has also been detailed and now looks absolutely fantastic! Not to be missed!

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